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Orbs Wheels

Orbs Wheels Specters | Corey Duffel | Hot Pink | 54mm


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These limited edition Orbs Wheels Specters make the perfect ride for Corey Duffel! With a full round shape and no flatspots, you'll slide smoothly in the street with 99A Plasmathane. Experience an apparition ride like never before, in a hot pink that's too sexy to ignore!

Debut Orbs pro wheel for our sweet friend, Corey, who was too nice to let us know we misspelled his name.

Apparitions shape in our Plasmathane formula!

  • 99 A
  • Full round shape
  • More slidable, especially in the street
  • Non-cored
  • Sexy

No flatspots, guaranteed. Consider these limited edition, because his name will definitely be spelled correctly on the next batch!

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