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Backlight In The Grain / Photography Book

Aaron Brown

Backlight In The Grain / Photography Book


BACKLIGHT IN THE GRAIN : The Angels of Skateboarding Book is the second of a series of photography books independently published by Australian photographer Aaron Brown. This book features photos all shot on black and white film. It captures a defining era of Sydney skateboarding in the 1990’s to early 2000’s. Only 100 copies of the original run have been published. Basement Skate has been lucky enough to secure a small number of copies. Be quick!

For Sydney skateboarders of this era it provides a snap shot of many iconic locations and characters. The book also features a selection of images from tours all over Australia, Europe and is finished with a handful of photos of Bowl-A-Rama and some up and coming riders. If you were skateboarding in Sydney in the 90’s this book is a must have. You will find action, portrait and lifestyle shots of influential riders that really forged the Sydney scene to what it has become today.

Aaron Brown shot photos for Australian Skateboarding Magazine (ASM), Slam and Transworld during this period. Together with names like Mike O’Meally, Curtis Mah, Garry Trinh, Matt McGinnley and Dave Adair these photographers documented and gave a public persona to skateboarders who guided the scene like angels. Aaron’s book features only photos that were shot on black and white film at the time. These photos are beautifully presented in this publication.

Who does the The Angels of Skateboarding Book feature?

In it’s pages you will find Australian skateboarders including Michael Davidson, Kye Stanley, Morgan Campbell, Brett Margaritis, Wade Burkitt, Chima Ferguson, Sid Tapia, Mark Harris and Steve Tierney. Also featured are pro skateboarders touring Australia during this period including Pat Duffy, Dan Drehobl, Jamie Thomas and Tony Alva.

Photo books are notorious for short runs and only being available for a limited time. Waiting for a re-print may take years. Be sure to grab a copy while they last or be prepared for a long wait or forking out to buy a second hand copy.

  • Published October 2022.
  • Soft Cover.
  • 21cm x 21cm.
  • 104 pages.
  • Photographer: Aaron Brown.
  • ISBN 9780645471915

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