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Sour Skateboards

Sour Skateboards started out as Sweet Skateboards in Sweden. After ownership disagreements the entire team decided to jump ship and create the opposite, Sweet turned Sour. Now based in Barcelona, Spain, Sour has become famous for its insane team and videos that back this up. Gustav Tonesson alone is simply a wizard, his ability on a skateboard is simply incomparable.

The wizard name comes from him being able to produce magic, to accomplish the hardest tricks on the most insane spots. Not too far behind Gustav on the elusive front is Simon Isaksson and Albert Nyberg. Both these guys can create something special from the mundane. The powerhouse duo of Josef Scott Jatta and Barney Page bring the pain while the finesse comes in the form of Erik J Pettersson, Koffe Hallgren and Daniel Spängs. Nisse Ingemarsson and new french rider Oscar Candon are Sour's ATV machines, more than pulling their weight.

Sour Solution also brings some missed light-hearted fun to their graphics and overall approach to skateboarding and are never ashamed to produce something that will make people laugh, way before their artistic merit gets in the way of anything.